Heat Pumps Quick Start Guide

Over the past couple of years we’ve invested a lot of time writing content, answering questions and creating videos. All of this great information is available on our Blog, but it’s not easy for homeowners looking to do all their research in one place to find all of this great content.

This quick start guide answers the most common questions we’ve received from HRM home owners over the past several years. It will help you determine if a heat pump is a worth while investment for your home.

Once you’ve processed these articles and videos give us a call or submit the form on any page of our website to arrange for a 30 minute in-home consultation with one of our Home Energy Specialists. At that point we can inspect your homes layout, electrical panel and answer any further questions you have about heat pumps.

It’s the #1 question on every home owners mind before they buy a heat pump. “Will I actually save money by purchasing one of these”. The answer is YES, unless you do not heat your home at all a heat pump will save you the money. The question really is will you save enough to justify the cost, and that’s what we answer in this video and article.

There are dozens of heat pump brands to choose from, but there is really only a handful that provide the efficiency and cold operating temperatures worth considering for our Nova Scotia climate. Here we outline three of the best units for Nova Scotia’s windy, wet and cold climate conditions.

Knowing which units are best for our Nova Scotia climate is the first step. Knowing how much those machines cost to purchase and install is next. In this video and post we discuss the cost for a quality 12,000 BTU heat pump from three of the top manufactures.

Do you currently have electric heat? If so you qualify for the green heat program through Efficiency Nova Scotia. We walk you through the application process, what heat pumps qualify and how much the rebate is in this post.

There are several different sizes of heat pumps to choose from. 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000 BTU sized units are very common. Which size do you need for you home? This article and video will give you an idea based on your homes layout, style and square footage.

It can be misleading to see that a heat pump operates down to a particular temperature, say -20°C or -25°C. What really matters is how much heat does it produce at that cold temperature. In this video and article we explain what to look for when comparing heat pumps cold weather operation.

One of the top three questions we get from prospective homeowners shopping for a heat pump is “What’s the warranty?”. This article explains first how a heat pump warranty works, as there is usually three different pieces, and second which brands offer the best warranty.

Noise level is a big concern for some homeowners. Not just how noisy will the heat pump be indoors, but will the outdoor unit annoy my neighbours or not? We made two videos, one for the outdoor and one for the indoor unit so you can listen first hand to how loud they are.

There are two popular ways to purchase ductless heat pumps. The first is single zone systems, one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. The second is a multizone, often popular to cover multiple areas/rooms. This article and video outlines the pros and cons of buying either or.

A concern for some homeowner is that a heat pump will come with a lot of required maintenance each year. Thankfully this isn’t the case. We outline the three basic types of maintenance a heat pump requires and what you can do on your own.

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