What Maintenance is Required for a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump?

We frequently get the question from homeowners wondering “What is the required maintenance of a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump?”.

In today’s video and post we’re going to cover the three main areas of maintenance required.

#1 Indoor Filters

As you can see in the image here and in the video above there are at least two filters inside the indoor unit of a ductless mini split heat pump. The filters catch dirt, dust and anything else in the air before it’s blown back out into your room.

We advise homeowners to remove these filters and vacuum them off after the first month of operation and every couple of months thereafter.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you have pets we advise you to check these filters every couple of weeks for the first couple of months and then determine the best frequency to clean these filters.

If these filters become clogged they will restrict air flow and your unit will struggle to get a room to temperature.

#2 Clear Snow, Grass and Leaves away from Outdoor Unit

The next maintenance point for a ductless heat pump is to ensure the outdoor unit stays clear of snow in the winter, tall grass and weeds in the summer and leaves or other fall debris in autumn.

If the outdoor unit does not have clear air flow than it is forced to work harder than necessary to produce the right amount of heat or cool.

In extreme circumstances with out door units if you do not keep them clear of snow then it can cause malfunctions with the fan and/or fan motor. So shoveling out and around your heat pump after each large snowfall is an ideal habit.

#3 Annual Outdoor & Indoor Coil Deep Cleaning

Usually not after the first year, but often in the second, having a heat pump company come in to clean off any build-up of dirt or grime on the out door unit coil as well as the indoor unit coil can be a good idea.

There is special equipment and a solvent solution used to deep clean your heat pump and the coils that won’t damage them.

Think of this as what an annual furnace cleaning would be. It ensures your unit is in tip top shape and ready for the next cooling or heating season.

We advise homeowners never to spray their outdoor units with a pressure washer or high-pressure hose. This can cause damage to the outdoor coil.

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