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Welcome to Sunshine Renewable Energy! We appreciate your business and want to ensure that your experience with us is smooth and transparent. Please take a moment to review our payment terms and conditions. By engaging in transactions with us, you agree to abide by these terms.


Accepted Payment Options:


We offer multiple payment methods to provide you with flexibility and convenience:


    • Cheque: You can make payments via cheque, payable to Sunshine Renewable Energy Please ensure your cheque is correctly addressed and mailed promptly to the provided address.
    • Bank Draft: We accept bank drafts as a secure form of payment. Ensure that the bank draft is payable to Sunshine Renewable Energy.
    • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer): Electronic Funds Transfer is a hassle-free option for making payments. Please contact us for payment wire details.
    • Interac EMT (Email Money Transfer): You can make payments through Email Money Transfer. Please send your EMT to rhys@sunshinerenewables.ca Please ensure you specify the invoice number and relevant details in the transfer notes.
    • Credit Card: Credit card payments are accepted with no limits in-store only.


Greener Homes Loan Participants:

If you are participating in the Greener Homes Program, we offer the following terms:


  • A 15% deposit is required upon the initiation of the project.
  • Participants have 60 days from the invoice date to pay the remaining invoice balance.
  • A 3% per month late fee will be charged on the unpaid balance beyond the 60-day period.

We understand that circumstances may vary, so if you have any questions or need to discuss your payment options, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to assist you and ensure your experience with Sunshine Renewable Energy is as seamless as possible.

12 month workmanship guarantee; 

At Sunshine Renewable Energy, we stand by our work with a 12-month workmanship guarantee, reflecting our dedication to our installations. Should any issues arise due to faulty installation within this period, we will promptly address and rectify them at no extra charge. 


  • - Our 12-month workmanship guarantee ensures quality and adherence to industry standards.
  • - 12 months from the date of installation for installation defects, mechanical failures or issues. 
  • - Customers experiencing issues due to faulty installation are encouraged to contact us promptly for resolution.
  • - We are committed to addressing and rectifying any installation-related issues promptly.
  • - Please note that the post-guarantee period once expired will be subject to a diagnostic charge. 

Manufacturer's warranty period;

For issues arising after this period, customers may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, if applicable. Diagnostic charges incurred by our technical team for such issues will be the customer's responsibility. We are committed to assisting customers with warranty claims and ensuring timely resolution of any issues outside of our workmanship guarantee.


- Manufacturer's warranty may provide coverage for issues beyond the 12-month workmanship guarantee.

- Customers will be responsible for diagnostic charges incurred by our technical team for warranty-related issues.

- Our team is dedicated to guiding customers through the warranty claim process and ensuring prompt resolution. 


Heat Pump Cleanings: 

While we strive to provide thorough and effective cleaning, Sunshine Renewable Energy cannot be held responsible for any underlying mechanical issues or unforeseen problems that may arise after the service. Our cleaning process focuses solely on the maintenance and cleanliness of the heat pump system. We recommend addressing any existing mechanical concerns separately to ensure the optimal performance of your heat pump. By booking our cleaning service, you agree to these terms and acknowledge that any subsequent issues are not the responsibility of Sunshine Renewable Energy.


Late Notice Policy for Ducted Heat Pump Installations:

-In the event of a cancellation "within 30 days" of the booked installation date, a surcharge will be applied to cover the costs associated with materials and labour invested in the manufacturing and design of custom ductwork.

-We kindly request timely communication regarding any changes to the scheduled installation date to minimize disruptions and accommodate other customers.

Thank you for choosing Sunshine Renewable Energy. We look forward to serving you.


Note: Sunshine Renewable Energy reserves the right to update these payment terms and conditions without prior notice. Please review this page periodically to stay informed about any changes.

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