Halifax Heat Pump FAQ’s

We have compiled some of our most common questions.

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Heat Pumps ranging from $2495-3495 for ductless minisplit units. These minisplit models can be installed in most homes, even those that do not have current ductwork. If you home currently has ductwork from a forced air heating system then it is possible to install a central ducted unit. This style of heat pump would connect directly to the old ductwork and supply heat through out your home, effectively replacing your furnace. Cost for ducted systems varies based on your current electrical panel, service and the condition and size of your ductwork. It is best for you to connect with us for an in-home assessment to receive a fair and accurate estimate.

Whichever option you decide is right for you, the thing that makes Heat Pumps wonderful in general is that you can experience a cozier living space right away, and for less money than you are paying now to be uncomfortable.

 Heat Pump is quite an old technology that has existed for many decades, but which has more recently become a very cost-saving solution for year-round home heating and cooling for Canadian homes. The system works in a similar way to a normal refrigerator, and can bring hot air into the home on the coldest of days, and with the option to reverse the flow and bring cold air into the home on the hottest of days. 

We understand. The concept of Heat Pumps is much different than that of traditional fuel and electrical heating, as they do not make heat, but move it from one place to another. The fact is, like many other appliances in the home or office, it is a marvel of modern (or not so modern) engineering, and it serves its function well. In the case of Heat Pumps, however, life becomes not only more comfortable, but also considerably less expensive.

Describing the science behind Heat Pumps would be similar to trying to describe how a stove, fridge, or telephone works. Our clients have had great success in grasping the general concept simply by doing a quick search on Youtube or Google.

Of course, as always we welcome you to give us a call and we will do our best explain how they work, and what sort of savings you may expect for your home or business.

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