ETS & Time of Day Metering

Storage Heaters or Electric Thermal Storage units (ETS) are a fantastic alternative for any home using electricity for its heating needs. (Homes using oil or gas heat are candidates also. Please contact us for details.)

Storage heaters function by using discounted electricity at night to store heat in a bank of ceramic bricks that can then be used throughout the day to keep your home warm.

The vast savings result from having a “Time of Day Metering” arrangement with your energy supplier. At night, when much of the world is sleeping, energy companies are forced to dump large quantities of unused electricity. As a result, with a special meter installed on your home you are able to purchase this electricity at a fraction of the going rate (about 52% of the regular daytime price). And what is more, weekends and holidays offer a big discount too! See Nova Scotia Power website for up to date rates and times.

Time of Day Metering allows your home to be heated at about half the cost. There is a cost to convert, but for a five year low-interest financing term through your utility, we aim to have your payments equal to or less than your savings. In other words, switching is easy, should not increase the typical home’s monthly bills, and the product is paid off in five years, while the savings remain for years to come. Sit back and enjoy the warmth as your investment pays for itself over and over again.

In addition, just for switching to ETS, 8 hours of every weekday, and all weekends and holidays suddenly become times where your home buys its electricity for nearly half price. From this change in rate alone, you may expect to save 25% or more on your bill just from appliances that are regularly on the go. This includes your hot water heater, dishwasher, fridge, deep freezer, washer & dryer etc.. Those who wish to save even more can leave the wash for the weekend, or set the dishwasher to run after 11pm through the week.

More information on how Storage Heaters (ETS units) Function:

Every storage heater comes with a simple set of controls (much like any thermostat) which make comfort and customization easy. Units will automatically heat their bank of ceramic bricks during the night using the discounted electricity, and then release this heat throughout the day. In fact, some units are so versatile that they may be easily configured to store larger quantities of heat for use during the weekends, and less throughout the week when no one is home.

Every storage heater also has an output setting that allows you to regulate the amount of heat the storage heater gives off. In other words, if you are a bit too chilly or a bit too warm, you can adjust the flow of heat from your storage heater as if you were turning up or down a normal thermostat.

In addition, some storage heaters can even have a timer so you do not have to worry about always fussing with controls. If you keep a somewhat regular schedule, you may program your heater to begin releasing heat at the time that suits you best—for example, when you rise in the morning and/or just before you get back from work.

If your home runs on electric heating, storage heaters could provide astronomical savings. If your insulation is less than perfect, the savings only improve (but we also encourage you to have that looked at!). What is more, on the greener side, a much higher percentage of available electricity at night is from renewable sources such as hydro, wind, and the tides.

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