What Heat Pump has the Best Warranty?

For many Nova Scotian’s warranty is the most important aspect of their heat pump purchase.

If that sounds like you, than this post will be worth your time.

What is covered by Heat Pump Warranties

Heat pump warranties cover a mixture of the compressor, parts and labour.

The biggest part on a heat pump is the compressor. It is the most expensive to purchase, takes a lot of time to repair or replace and is arguably the most important piece of the entire heat pump system.

For this reason, the compressor is the longest coverage by heat pump warranties.

Other parts such as: the indoor head, electronic boards and motors, sensors and fuses, are usually covered for a shorter time than the compressor.

Finally, the labour to repair or replace the parts is usually covered for less time than the parts themselves.

How do Heat Pump Warranties Work

There are two distinct types of warranties for heat pumps:

  1. Blanket warranties that cover straight parts and labour
  2. Broken down warranties where the compressor, parts and labour coverage durations are different

A blanket style warranty means all of the parts, including the compressor, are covered for a set period of time. An example would be Fujitsu, where they offer a 10 year parts warranty, this warranty accounts for the compressor and all other parts.

A broken down warranty most often means your compressor is covered for a longer duration than other parts. LG for example offers a 10 year compressor warranty, but a 5 year warranty on the remaining parts.

Warranties for Different Heat Pump Brands

Below are the warranties offered in Nova Scotia for several popular ductless heat pump brands.
Notice that some are only valid when purchased from an authorized dealer.

  • Fujitsu – 10 year parts (including compressor) and 10 years labour
  • Mitsubishi – 10 year compressor, 6 year parts and 6 years labour (when purchased from authorized dealer)
  • LG – 10 year compressor, 5 year parts
  • Daikin – 12 year parts (including compressor), 6 years labour

What to do if you have a Warranty Issue

If you experience a service issue, be sure to contact the installing contractor first. There are troubleshooting steps that can sometimes solve the situation over the phone prior to a technician being sent out.

If troubleshooting does not lead to any resolution the next step is to book a service call.

Side note: This is why it’s important to choose a heat pump contractor who has their own technicians. In the event you need service or support, you want to have someone who’s available.

Most reputable heat pump contractors provide a one year workmanship guarantee. If anything occurs in that first year you’re 100% covered, provided you have maintained your machine properly.

After that first year there is often a service call fee to diagnose the issue.

What is not covered by Heat Pump Warranties

Damage to your unit caused by improper care and maintenance will be at your own expense should it result in a billable repair.

Example issues are:

  • Not cleaning the indoor filters regularly
  • Not keeping the outdoor unit free and clear of snow and ice during winter weather
  • Not keeping the outdoor unit clear of grass, weeds or leaves

If a failure in the system is deemed due to a lack of proper care or maintenance than you would not be covered.

The other areas not covered under warranty are issues deemed caused by improper installation.

This could mean improper mounting of the indoor/outdoor unit and kinks or leaks in the line sets.

Ensuring your installation comes with a workmanship guarantee takes care of most of these items. While a quality contractor rarely makes a mistake during install, issues generally show up within the first 3-5 months. At this point they can be rectified before any damage is done to the equipment.

Best Practices to Maintain your Heat Pump Purchase

There are only three things you need to do to ensure your heat pump maintains it’s warranty coverage.

  1. Keep the outdoor unit free and clear of yard debris, grass and of course snow in the winter time
  2. Frequently (every 2-3 weeks) remove the indoor unit filer(s), rinse them under water and replace them in the unit
  3. Have your indoor and outdoor system professionally cleaned and maintenance done every 1-2 years

If you follow the above three steps you’ll be sure to maintain proper warranty coverage on your heat pump.

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