eCombi ETS Storage Heater

The eCombi electric thermal storage units are what we like to call a “micro” ETS. They are much smaller, both in kilowatt size and foot print, than larger units by companies such as Dimplex or Steffes.

The big perk of installing any electric thermal storage system is to get your home on the Time of Day Metering program with Nova Scotia power.

Time of Day Metering

In a nutshell the Time of Day program gives your home a discounted rate of electricity during evenings, weekends and Holidays. Why do you get this discount?

Because ETS systems charge themselves up in the off peak hours (when there is less demand for electricity on the grid). The heat is stored in ceramic bricks and then emitted during the day.

Easy Installation

The eCombi ETS units can be swapped directly for an electric baseboard. So in a bedroom with one baseboard, we can easily remove the baseboard and install one of these units.

In a larger living space where more than one baseboard is currently installed we are able to install more than one eCombi to replace the need for the electric baseboards at all.

More than just Heating Savings

While the biggest savings comes from cutting the cost of heating your home there are additional savings to be had by installing eCombi ETS units.

  1. We install a timer on your hot water tank so that you reduce the amount of “peak” electricity you use to heat your water. By using off peak power to heat your hot water you can reduce your hot water costs up to 30-50%
  2. With some small lifestyle changes you can run your dishwasher and clothes dryer in the off peak hours to reduce the cost of these appliances in your home

Work Great in Combination with a Heat Pump

While some believe they have to choose between a Heat Pump or an ETS system this just isn’t true.

One of our most popular installs is an ETS system in the lower level of the home where the family/rec room most often is and a ductless mini split heat pump on the main level.

During the on-peak times you’re heat pump will be the most efficient unit system to create heat available. Then during the off-peak period you’ll be saving even more with you heat pump thanks to the inexpensive electricity rates you’ll pay during the evening, weekends and Holidays.

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