How Much Does a Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Cost in Nova Scotia?

If you’ve been wondering how much a ductless mini-split heat pump will cost in Nova Scotia then this video and article will answer your question. All prices discussed in this article do not include HST but do include equipment, labor and electrical hookup of the machine.

What Brands

Of course, there are numerous brands on the market ranging from extremely cheap to extremely expensive. At Sunshine, we ignore all of the lowest priced equipment. Why? Because in our experience this equipment not only doesn’t stand up to our winters but they also do not produce the savings you expect from a heat pump in our winters.

There are two brands we’ll be talking about: Fujitsu and LG.

A quick definition about a term we’re going to use: Single Zone VS Dual Zone

A single zone heat pump refers to having one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. It is heating only a single zone/area of your home.

A dual zone heat pump (can also be tri and quad-zone systems) connects two or more indoor units with one outdoor unit.

Dual zones, also known as multi zones, are designed to spread the capacity of an outdoor unit throughout different floors or rooms in your home. They can be useful when you have two distinct levels, such as a split entry, or want to get air conditioning in a master bedroom or other area of the home.

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Rebates Available

For homes that have electric baseboard heating, you can also receive a rebate from Efficiency Nova Scotia when you purchase a ductless heat pump that meets their minimum requirements and register within 90 days. Additional rebates are available if you purchase more than one machine or a dual zone heat pump system.

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Determining the Right Brand, Size, and Model for you

There are 8 different criteria we consider during an in-home consultation with you. We use these 8 criteria to determine the best brand, size, and model for your home and your goals for purchasing a heat pump (comfort, AC, heating, savings etc.).

8 Criteria we evaluate during in-home consultations are:

  • Square footage of your home and layout
  • Estimating the quality of insulation in the home based on age and current energy bills
  • Inspecting windows to determine how well they hold heat inside the home
  • Inspecting your current electrical service to confirm it can handle the electrical load of a heat pump
  • Reviewing indoor and outdoor space for installation
  • Discussing with you about where you spend most of your time in the home
  • Discussing what indoor temperature you generally set your thermostats to
  • Reviewing your past energy bills (if available)
  • and more…

To get an exact quote on what it will cost to install a ductless single or multi-zone heat pump in your home why not book a 30 minute in-home consultation with one of our home energy specialists. Each one of our representatives has gone through extensive training to be able to guide you on your heat pump journey.

Our goal is not to sell every home owner we speak with a heat pump, but rather to help you determine:

a.) Is a heat pump a good idea for my home?

b.) If yes, which equipment will produce the most comfort and quickest payback for me?

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