Attic Heat Pumps

It can be difficult trusting a contractor to do a good job, especially when you aren't knowledgeable on the topic. With the rising popularity of newer HVAC systems, more and more people are interested in exploring their options. It can be daunting when faced with so many options, and getting the correct information is important for decision-making. 

Ducted attic heat pumps are a great option for many homes in HRM, and we are among the few contractors in HRM qualified to install these units. Sunshine Renewables is experienced in installing and servicing attic heat pumps, and is committed to providing a quality job.




  • They are ideal for the whole home level coverage.

  • They don’t require extensive cleaning

  • They qualify for the Greener Homes Rebate program

  • They are located out of view and don’t take wall space

  • They are more cost effective than multiple mini splits. In most cases half the setup price for the same coverage vs ductless units. 

  • Quiet operation no heat in room

  • No heavy air blowing in room on sleeping area or work space

  • Repair costs are lower with one unit vs a ductless unit. Multiple less motors, fans, bearings, mother boards, louvers just a few of many examples. 

  • Cleaning costs an additional $99+HST per ductless head vs one attic air handler can be hundreds more to clean over the same time period.   

  • Higher dehumidification 

  • No short cycling of attic unit vs a ductless unit in a small room. 



Independent temperature control per room. 


Efficient for the whole home:

Many are confused on the difference between mini splits and attic heat pumps. Mini splits are advantageous for single rooms– they work to adjust the temperature in a single space. As such, multiple units can have different temperatures, giving individuals more control over a single room. However, the price can add up depending on your personal needs. Attic heat pumps are advantageous for the whole home floor– you only need to buy one system for every room to be covered. 


What’s the difference?

Mini splits
Attic units
Typically $4000 - $5000 each.
Typically $9500+
Covers an isolated space– full coverage may require multiple units.
Multiple vents in rooms provide coverage in the whole home– no additional heat pumps needed.
Adjustable temperature for each head.
One temperature for the entire unit.
Indoor units placed on walls.
Main unit is placed in the attic, with vents located in ceilings.

Extensive cleaning: 

Because of their hidden location, many would be worried about the logistics behind cleaning. However, unlike mini splits, the ducted attic units do not require extensive maintenance. Being an open system it allows dust and debris to be either trapped by the filter pads, or expelled through the outer vents. As long as the filter is regularly cleaned every 3-6 months, there should be no issues. 



There are a few rebates available for Nova Scotia residents, such as the Greener Homes Grant. Though you need to be sure of the specific mode, ducted heat pumps are eligible for these grants. More information can be found on Homesol Building Solution’s website


Out of view:

Mini splits have two parts: the outdoor unit, located on the side of houses, and the indoor heads, which are placed on the walls. Indoor heads can be a bit clunky, and some may not like the loss of wall space. As attic units are in the attic, with air traveling through vents placed in the ceiling, leaving your walls free. 



At a certain point, it becomes more expensive to have multiple mini splits over an attic unit. Mini splits are most efficient working in an enclosed area, rather than for an entire house. Some may only need one heat pump, but those wanting additional coverage may require more. Installing an attic unit is a great, cheaper alternative.

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