Ductless Heat Pump Rebates

Efficiency Nova Scotia’s Green Heat Rebate and financing program now includes ductless mini split heat pumps!!

If you’re looking at ductless heat pumps then the units you purchase must be approved on the cold weather list of heat pumps from Efficiency Nova Scotia (see the complete list here).

SIDENOTE: If you have a  home efficiency audit completed in your home then the ductless heat pump rebate increases to $400 for the first unit and $150 for every additional head you install after the first.

Heat Pumps we Sell that Qualify

There are several systems we sell from Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and LG that qualify for the rebate or financing.

Those heat pumps are:

  • Fujitsu’s RLS3 and RLS3H models
  • Fujitsu’s RLXFZH multi zones systems
  • LG prestige models
  • Mitsubishi FE and FH models
  • Mitsubishi’s MXZ hyper heat multi zone systems

4 Steps to Get Your Rebate or Financing

  1. Request an in-home assessment to receive a quote for one of the approved cold climate ductless heat pump systems.
  2. Complete and submit the pre-approval form from Efficiency Nova Scotia.
  3. Await approval for the rebate, or financing, from Efficiency Nova Scotia.
  4. Let us know you have received the approval and we’ll book a date for the installation of your new heat pump system.

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