What Temperature Should I Set My Heat Pump To Inside?

When transitioning to a new heat pump system, you might be wondering where you should set the temperature in order to enjoy comfort while also taking advantage of the energy efficiency heat pumps offer.

It is important to understand that heat pumps are most efficient when left at a constant temperature, because of the nature of the technology. To learn about this in more depth, be sure to read our post, “Do I Have to Leave My Heat Pump System on All the Time?”

What’s Your Comfort Level?

It’s pretty likely you already have a preferred temperature at which you like to keep your home. Most of us have a good idea of what feels comfortable, and we keep our heaters in that general range. After having a heat pump installed, we recommend that you set the temperature where you feel comfortable, or even a degree or two lower.

Heat Pumps Are Different

Heat pumps give off a heat that feels different than conventional heating methods. The system circulates heat through a room, enveloping the occupants in warmth. For this reason, you might find you can go a degree or two lower than your usual heating level — it’s all a matter of personal taste. Once you have a point of comfort, we always recommend letting the system stay at that temperature for the most energy efficient operation of the heat pump.

You don’t want the system constantly ramping up and powering down, as this actually takes more energy!

Energy Savings Stack Up

Finally, we always like to stress that to realize maximum energy savings, you should compare costs at like temperatures. In other words, if you run your heat pump at a higher temperature than your baseboard heat, you may not see significant savings in your bills. However, if you run your heat pump at a like temperature as you did with conventional heat, you’ll see those savings start to stack up.

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