What Does The Heat From A Heat Pump Feel Like?

If you’ve ever wondered how the heat from a heat pump feels compared to the heat you’re experiencing with traditional baseboard, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Heat pumps create an incredibly comfortable heat that is unlike anything you’ve felt before.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps work by using energy to move heat from outside and distributing it inside. Simply put, heat pumps exploit the natural tendency of heat to move from areas of high temperatures to areas of low temperatures. Heat pumps cleverly reverse this process by pulling heat from areas of low temperature and pumping it to a place with higher temperature — like your home.

Heat pumps do all this very efficiently, using only a small amount of energy to complete the process. They also have the benefit of reversing function, providing cool air in the hot months — a fabulous extra benefit over traditional home heating.

Heat Pumps Circulate Warmth

This method of bringing heat into a home is much different than baseboard heaters or an oil hot water heaters. These heating methods don’t actually push heat out into a room, they radiate heat from the walls out. While the room does warm up, there can be parts of the room that never get quite as warm as others.

Heat pumps actually distribute heat about a room, circulating it to reach all corners. The effect of the circulation is one of enveloping warmth, like a cozy blanket put around your shoulders. Heat pumps not only provide energy-efficient heat, keeping bills manageable, they do so in a way that is more comfortable than traditional forms of home heating.

If you’ve never experienced the feeling of heat from a heat pump, call Sunshine Renewables and learn more about how heat pumps can lower your bills while increasing your comfort!


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