What Maintenance Does a Heat Pump Require?


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When clients inquire about heat pumps and whether they are a good choice for their home, we’ve found that one of the major selling points is the lack of maintenance they require. Heat pumps provide energy efficient heat and cool through the year, and are easy to maintain.

Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance

Ductless mini-split heat pumps have three main areas to which owners should pay attention. There are a few minor things to do to keep the heat pump humming along at maximum efficiency. Let’s go through the general maintenance heat pump owners will encounter as they care for their system.

Cleaning The Filter

The filter in a heat pump needs periodic cleaning to keep the system running smoothly. Luckily, many systems on the market today include a handy indicator light that will tell the owner it is time for a cleaning. We suggest you do a quick visual check of the systems once a month to ensure that you know when it is time for a cleaning. The good news is that cleaning the filter is very easy. You can use the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner, so there are no special tools needed to keep your filter clean.

We also offer Heat Pump Deep Cleaning Services. You can see a full heat pump cleaning demo here.

Cleaning The Outdoor Unit

During the warm summer months, it’s easy for the outdoor unit to attract dirt, mud, and other gunk. We suggest cleaning the outdoor unit using your garden hose, which can get all of that built-up muck off the unit. It’s just that easy to keep the unit clean!

Clear The Area Around The Outdoor Unit

If your outdoor unit is located in an area of your yard that doesn’t get much foot traffic, do a quick visual check every once in a while ensure that the area is not obstructed with tall grass, debris, weeds, or other detritus. Regularly weed or mow the area to ensure the system can operate without obstructions — this will help the system run optimally in all conditions.

Ducted Heat Pump Maintenance

Those who are considering a ducted heat pump will be happy to know that maintenance for these systems is very similar to the maintenance for a ductless mini-split heat pump. The outdoor unit should be kept clear of obstructions, and also the unit should be cleaned occasionally to ensure dirt and mud don’t get caked on the unit.

Regular duct cleaning is a must for those with ducts in the home, which would be a maintenance consideration with any furnace system, heat pump or otherwise. Be sure to have your ducts cleaned every once in a while to ensure maximum efficiency and clean air in the home. For duct cleaning, hire a professional duct cleaning company to come perform that maintenance, as it requires special equipment to access the ducts. Hiring a reputable company to clean your ducts ensures a thorough and safe cleaning process.

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