Whole Home Surge Protection Devices – Protect Your Electronics & Appliances From Damage

Electrical surges can happen in the home for a variety of reasons. The most popular homeowners think of is electrical storms, but the primary cause of surges through the home is actually from the utility.

The flow of electricity from the poll outside your home into your panel is usually very consistent, but surges happen from time to time and we don’t even know about them.

In reality, most of these tiny surges aren’t anything serious to worry about, but when you consider the average Canadian home has over $15,000 in electronic equipment that is unprotected from surges you have to stop and think,

What if…

What if a surge came through the home and damaged my tablet, smartphone, TV, and computer. What if my kid’s video game console, the electronic board in our fridge and washing machine was blown.

More things today have circuit boards that can be affected by surges, even heat pumps if you have one.

Back in the day surge protection was done through purchasing a quality surge strip that you’d plug inline with your wall plug and electronic equipment.

Today that just doesn’t make sense. You’d need a surge strip at every outlet in your entire home.

The safer and more effective way to protect your personal electronic devices and appliances is to install a whole home surge protection device, also known as an SPD for short.

Whole home surge protectors are installed inline with your electrical service and your electrical panel. The job of the SPD is to block surges into the home before they can be distributed to wall outlets where expensive electronics may be plugged in charging.

How Do Whole Home Surge Protector Devices Work?

Devices are installed directly next to your electrical panel in your utility room. Inside the device are Metal Oxide Varistors. These detect the increased flow of voltage coming into the house and attract the excess voltage so it doesn’t enter into your home’s electrical system.

Unlike a fuse, whole home surge protectors are not a one time only use item. They can protect your home over and over again from surges to ensure your electronics and appliances stay safe.

Installation of a Whole Home Surge Protection Device should be carried out by a qualified and licensed electrician both to ensure proper installation of the equipment and also safety.

To learn more about how a whole home surge protector can protect your electronics and appliances give us a call today. Our electrical division can complete the installation of these devices in little time, even during another service or install appointment you may have with us.

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