How long do Electric Thermal Storage Units Last?

When you consider installing an Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) unit, you might be wondering what the life of the product will be. Product life is an important consideration for such an investment, given the cost and nature of the purchase. The good news is that ETS units have an excellent life span, making it a compelling choice for home heating. Let’s explore what makes the systems so stable and efficient.

Low Maintenance Home Heating

Electric Thermal Storage units are unique among many home heating options, in that the units themselves don’t have moving parts that require regular maintenance. Conventional electric and oil furnaces can’t say the same. ETS units work pretty simply; electric elements charge the internal ceramic bricks, which then emit heat the following day when needed.

Track Record Of Success

ETS units are popular in Europe, having been in use for many years. Companies such as Dimplex have been manufacturing ETS units for over 40 years, building a track record of reliability. There are early adopters who installed units in the 1980s are still enjoying reliable heat! Most ETS units have a lifespan that can stretch more than 20 years. Given their greater energy efficiency, an investment in an Electric Thermal Storage unit can pay off, year after year.

Slimmer, Sleeker Design

Early model ETS units were unwieldy and bulky, but in recent years the units have become smaller and sleeker, emitting comparable levels of heat in a much more compact package. Customers have upgraded to new systems simply to enjoy a slimmer profile unit, not to replace a malfunctioning system!

Electric Thermal Storage units are an economical choice for Canadians looking for energy-efficient, reliable heat in their homes. Contact Sunshine Renewable Energy today to learn more about ETS units and how they can help improve your home heating.


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