Are Heat Pumps Effective for 50+ Year Old Homes?

Heat pumps, as a technology, are very attractive to people who have older homes — after all, older homes were built with different types of heating systems in mind. Heat pump technology is newer, so homeowners may worry they aren’t going to realize similar advantages as those with newer homes. The good news is that a ductless mini-split or central ducted heat pump can be installed in any home with adequate space. The most important question is, “Does it make sense to install a ductless mini-split or central ducted heat pump?”

We Suggest An Energy Audit

Clients who have homes older than 35 years are always advised to seek an energy audit or assessment on your home’s envelope — to use industry lingo — which determines how the home is currently consuming energy. This audit helps our home heating professionals offer up their candid thoughts on what the best energy options are for your home.

When using a heat pump, the warm air is blown through the indoor condenser. Because of this, the air is slightly pressurized, which makes it escape a bit faster than is the case with electric baseboard or hot water baseboard. Because of this, the energy audit is really necessary for homes 50 years and older.

What Is An Energy Audit?

When we perform an energy audit, we’re looking for drafts and leaks in the home that allow the cold air from the outside in. These leaks represent lost dollars slipping away, as you battle to keep your home warm against those leaks. It’s hard to truly realize great energy efficiency until these leaks are addressed and fixed. Once we get all of these leaks sealed off, it’s time to consider installing a heat pump.

Should You Install A Heat Pump?

Once your home is sealed, draft-proof, and properly insulated, it’s time to consider the installation of a heat pump. Once this is complete, you may see a big change in your energy bills. Because heat pumps use existing heat in the outside air to keep your home warm, it’s already more energy efficient than other traditional means of home heating.

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