Home Comfort with a Heat Pump – Heating, AC & Dehumidification

Here’s a few quick notes from the video

  • Heat pumps create a very even and comfortable heat in your home while costing you less money
  • The heating and air conditioning modes of a heat pump are the exact same process just in reverse of each other
  • Heat pumps circulate the air in the room they are installed and passes that air over a coil that either warms the air or extracts heat and humidity from the air
  • There is no air transferred from outside to inside with a heat pump
  • The fan inside a heat pump somewhat resembles an old style push lawn mover blade (cylinder like)
  • The heat from a heat pump “wraps” you to keep an even temperature through out the room which increases comfort
  • Often homeowners find they can actually reduce the temperature in their home with a heat pump and actually feel warmer

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Assessments take 30-40 minutes and allow us to determine:

  • Is you home a good fit for a heat pump?
  • What sized heat pump is best for your home?
  • Can your electrical service handle a heat pump
  • How much could you potentially save?
  • What it will cost to install a heat pump in your home

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