How Does a Heat Pump Save Me Money on Oil if I have a Forced Air Furnace

Here’s a few quick notes from the video.

  • The average home in HRM and across Nova Scotia with Oil Hot Water Baseboard spends $3,000 to $3,500 on oil a year
  • 1/3rd of that amount is for hot water & 2/3rd is for heating
  • That’s $2000 – $2300 on heat and about $1000 a year on hot water
  • There are two types of central ducted heat pumps: Add-on units and replacement central ducted heat pumps
  • Add-ons are a good option if you have a newer furnace
  • Replacement units are good if you have an older furnace or would like to get off oil all together
  • You will also enjoy air conditioning and dehumidification in the summer months

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