Why Are Heat Pumps So Efficient And Inexpensive To Produce Heat?

You might be wondering how heat pumps can be more energy efficient than conventional methods — it almost seems too good to be true! In fact, there are some compelling reasons why heat pumps offer superior energy efficiency, and it has a lot to do with how they work.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps function by using energy to extract heat from the outdoors and redistributing it inside the home. This clever exploitation of the laws of physics is part of the reason that heat pumps excel at producing efficient and inexpensive heat. The pump takes heat from areas of low temperature, and transfers it to areas of higher temperature, an inversion of the natural pathway of heat — like a reverse air conditioner!

Heat Pumps Don’t Create Heat, They Move Heat

So, heat pumps aren’t creating energy, as oil or electricity does through different processes. Heat pumps are moving existing heat, not creating it, which is the heart of why it is so efficient. The energy your system uses is the energy needed to move the refrigerant through the system and then the fan to blow the heat into the room.

Heat Pumps Are Reversible

The system is, in fact, reversible, working to extract cool air from the outdoors in the summer months, and moving that cool air inside. This is one of the side benefits of installing a heat pump in your home. Naturally, if you’re not accustomed to cooling your home in the summer, there will be higher energy costs than before, should you decide to take advantage of this functionality.

The home heating experts at Sunshine Renewables can help you determine whether a heat pump is right for your home, as well as advising you on the most energy efficient ways to use the system.

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