How Much Do Heat Pumps Cost?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked every week. How much does a heat pump cost? The answer to that question is – It Depends.

What does it depend on? Well here’s the short list:

  • What style of heat pump you’re looking for – ducted or ductless
  • Your current electrical service (100 amp, 125 amp, 200 amp etc.)
  • Any obstructions to where the outdoor or indoor unit must be installed
  • The size of the room, floor or your entire house in the case of a ducted system

Let’s start with a ductless heat pump as they’re a bit easier to determine the cost for.

The three critical pieces of information are:

1.) How large a space do you need to heat? Is it a single room, an entire floor? What’s the square footage of the area?

A larger area means you’ll need a larger heat pump to maintain temperature. A larger heat pump of course will cost more money.

2.) What is your current electrical service?

If you currently have electric baseboard heat and hot water then chances are your home has 200 amp service. If this is the case then there’s nothing to concern yourself with here. If your home is heated with Oil, then there’s a chance you have less than 200 amp service and it will require an in-home visit to confirm if you have the room on your current electric panel to install a heat pump. It is possible that an electric service upgrade could be required.

3.) Are there any obstructions to installing the outdoor and/or indoor unit of the heat pump?

Outdoor obstructions such as debris, rocks or an un-even surface as well as indoor obstructions such as windows, fixtures etc. can make it more difficult to install a ductless heat pump. It’s not impossible, but the increased time for install will mean the cost to you increases.

To get an accurate quote please call us or submit the form to the right of this page to arrange an in-home assessment.

What about a Ducted Heat Pump System?

The same questions arise in terms of your current electrical panel and size of your home but we also need to consider the size and quality of your current ductwork as well.

Some older homes have less than 5” ductwork which can make it difficult to keep your home comfortable with a central ducted heat pump system. We can assess this for you when we are on sight, along with your electrical panel.

Central systems still have an outdoor unit and you must have an easily accessible and flat location outside your home to install the unit.

The costs for a ducted heat pump system vary far more then a ductless. To get an accurate quote please call us today and arrange an in-home assessment. We’ll better be able to determine what size unit is required to heat your home as well as any additional updates that may be required.

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