Dimplex Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) System

The Dimplex ETS systems are a great way to heat a large area of your home, such as a family or rec room, as well as reduce your overall electricity costs.

In this post I will explain a few of the reasons you might want to consider installing a Dimplex electric thermal storage unit in your home.

SIDENOTE: Generally homes that either currently have electric heating or are considering a switch over from oil to electric can benefit from the install of an ETS unit.

Let’s get started

Heat Large Spaces with Single Unit

The Dimplex ETS systems come in a range of wattages from 1Kw (1000 watts) to 10 Kw (10,000 watts).

When sizing these systems we use a simple calculation of 10 watts per square foot of area requiring heat.

For example a 400 square foot space would require a 4 KW or 4000 watt ETS unit.

Thanks to the range of sizes available you’re able to install only one Dimplex unit to heat a good sized area.

SIDENOTE: When sizing ETS systems it’s important for us to complete an in-home assessment. Some homes can get away with less wattage per square foot while others could require a bit more based on age of home and heat loss.

Easy to Operate

Once an ETS unit is installed they are very easy to operate. As you can see in the video above there is really only one dial you need to touch , and that sets the temperature.

I like how Dimplex decided to use a scale of 1 to 10 for temperature rather than exact temperature amounts. Why? Because this way you can go on comfort rather than a particular set point.

Some homeowners find they feel comfortable at a lower temperature with an ETS system that is sized properly than they did with their baseboard heaters.

Reduce Other Electrical Expenses in the Home

The biggest reason you would want to install a Dimplex ETS system in your home is to take advantage of Nova Scotia Powers Time of Day metering program.

Under this program NSP replaces the meter on your home and your power rate per kilowatt hour varies based on day of the week and time of day.

You pay a discounted rate during evening, weekends and holidays, and a slightly higher rate during peak hours of the day through colder winter months and standard rate during peak times for the remainder of the year.

For full details check out this post.

When we install these systems we generally also place your hot water tank on a timer. This ensures that your hot water tank only heats during the off peak hours. This will further reduce your electrical bill.

Other ways to save money with the time of day program are to:

  • run your dishwasher at night
  • run your washer and dryer during the weekend or weeknights

Low Maintenance

Similar to an electric baseboard heater the Dimplex ETS units have very low upkeep. They have few moving parts and no filters to clean. Outside of keeping the exterior of the unit clean and dust, dirt or pet hair away from the bottom of the system these units should operate for a very long time.

To learn more about Dimplex electric thermal storage units or to determine the proper sizing for your home contact us to arrange an in-home assessment with one of our Home Energy Specialists.

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