Pool Heat Pumps – Extend your Swimming Season in HRM to Spring and Fall!

Have a pool in HRM? Thinking of getting a pool? They’re a fantastic home addition for our hot and humid summers, but some feel that they’re a waste of money because of our short summer season. Citing, there’s really only six to eight weeks of good weather you can use your pool.

An air to water pool heat pump changes all that. Extend your swimming season into the early spring and fall by installing a Thermeau Prestige Heat Pump in your current pool or include it with the installation if your new pool.

Works with Above and In Ground Pools

Thermeau Pool Heat Pumps work with both above and below ground heat pumps. Sizing is easy as it’s all based on the dimensions of your pool.

Won’t it cost me a lot to run?

At temperatures as low as 10°C outside Thermeau residential pool heat pumps maintain a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4. This means that the unit produces 4 times more energy than it consumes. There simply is no more efficient way to heat the water in your pool to extend your swimming season in the fall and back into early spring.

Compared to heating your pool with natural gas or propane a pool heat pump runs for as much as 75% less and will still maintain similar temperatures.

Will it be loud in my Backyard?

No! Thermeau’s three levels of soundproofing insulation ensure the unit runs quiet at all times of the day.

What happens during the Winter?

It’s important that you winterize your pool heat pump at the end of the season. This ensures there is no damage done over the cold winter months. This is something that a DIY home owner could take on, and there are instructions to do so, or the team at Sunshine Renewable Energy can handle the shut down and winterizing of your heat pump for you. To learn more about this give us a call today.

What size do I need?

Sizing is based entirely on the dimensions of your pool and the volume of water. The larger the pool of course the larger heat pump you will require. Some homeowners opt to install a larger unit so that their pool is heated faster.

How much will it Cost?

We can give you an estimate for installation of a pool heat pump. Give us a call at 902-461-0600, and we will gather the information needed to provide you an estimate on installing a unit

An on site visit is required to determine proper electrical run location and installation requirement.

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